Aire® 3 Series floodlight
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Aire® floodlight

  • High performance LED floodlight.
  • Extended useful life thanks to the Laminar Heatsink®.
  • Available with Comfort Diffuser®.
  • Customizable optics.


  • Aire® 5 Series floodlight
  • Aire® 7 Series floodlight
S model
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E Series floodlight

  • Compact floodlight for an unbeatable price.
  • Includes Laminar Heatsink®.
  • Available with Comfort Diffuser®.
  • Customizable optics. 


  • M model
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  • Universal LED upgrade kit.
  • It adapts to any luminaire, from any manufacturer.
  • Includes Laminar Heatsink®.
  • Available with Comfort Diffuser®.


  • KitLED® S
Aire® 3 Series
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Aire® luminaire

  • High performance urban LED luminaire.
  • Extended lifespan thanks to the Laminar Heatsink®.
  • Several LED optics available.


  • Aire® 5 Series
  • Aire® 7 Series
Solar + Enur Micro
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  • Discover the free light.
  • Solar street lights with LED lights for street lighting.
  • Studied and sized for each requested location.
  • Galvanized or painted finish.

  • Solar + Enur L
  • Solar + Evolución P
Villa XLTA2
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  • The most durable range of ornamental luminaires.
  • Manufactured with maintenance-free ATP materials.
  • Optimized energy savings up to 50%.
  • Includes the VesselTech® Sealing System.

  • Litoral A
  • Villa XLA
  • Siglo XLA
  • Urania A
Cónica TLA
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  • Modern design yielding no light pollution.
  • Optimized energy savings.
  • Customizable optics.
  • Engineering polymers that do not conduct electricity.

  • Cónica TLS
  • Cónica OLS
  • Cónica OPS
Venus 2 TLA
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  • "All-Diffuser" Model for optimal performance.
  • 6 optic configurations with a homogenous design.
  • Suspended and supported fixtures.
  • Includes all of the benefits and guarantees of ATP materials.

  • Venus TLS
  • Venus OLS
  • Venus 2 TLS
  • Venus 2 OLS
Alfa 8A
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  • Ideal for ambient lighting in coastal environments.
  • Immune to corrosion and electrical shock free.
  • Class II+, IK10 and IP66 integral.
  • Latest generation of ATP polymeric materials.

  • Alfa 2A
  • Alfa 1A
  • Alfa 5S
  • Alfa 1S
Astral S
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  • 41 different models.
  • Ideal for ambient and street lighting.
  • Modular design for endless combinations.
  • Includes all of the advantages of ATP materials.

  • Globo S
  • Paseo A
  • Paseo S
Enur Micro
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  • Urban luminaire ideal for street lighting.
  • Exceptional performance > 75%.
  • 3 available Optics. LED included.
  • Unique characteristics to ATP materials.

  • Enur L
  • Enur Eco
  • Enur P
Metrópoli LBLC
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  • Range of robust and versatile luminaires.
  • Up to 3 monopole adaptors.
  • 4 interchangeable optics. Available in LED.

  • Metrópoli LTP
  • Metrópoli LBP
Evolución P
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  • Versatile circular street luminaire design.
  • 3 interchangeable Optics. Available in LED.
  • 3 available diffusers. Lenticular, Semi-lenticular, and plane.
  • Less maintenance and more security: Class II+.

  • Evolución 2P
  • Evolución 2LC
Croma P
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  • Ideal for combining with cylindrical columns.
  • 3 interchangeable optics. Available with LED.
  • ZERO light pollution.
  • Latest generation of ATP polymeric materials.

  • Croma LC
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  • Luminaire for high performance roads.
  • 4 interchangeable optics. LED versions available.
  • Up to 400W.
  • Simple for service installers.

  • Milenium
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  • Multi-purpose maintenance-free LED floodlight. 
  • Ideal for the lighting of beaches and seaports. 
  • Designed to simplify its use in extreme conditions.


  • Orión
ATP polymeric materials

ATP polymeric materials

Specially designed to satisfy the highest demands of resistance to external agents and to vandalism in public lighting and urban furniture.

Immune to corrosion

Immune to corrosion

Our lighting and outside furniture products are completely rust-proof since they are made out of raw materials which are invulnerable to corrosion.

Anti-electrocution products

Anti-electrocution products

Our products are completely safe since they are made with insulating materials which do not conduct electricity and prevent any danger of electrocution when making contact with the column or the luminaire.

IK10+: Beyond vandal-proof

IK10+: Beyond vandal-proof

Vandal-proof street lighting and urban furniture capable of withstandin impact tests beyond 50 joules, which is more than double that established by the international IK standard (IEC 62262).

IP66+: Totally hermetic

IP66+: Totally hermetic

Several devices ensure the sealing of the luminaire in any situation.

This high IP rate offers whole protection to all the internal elements of the street light.

100 % recyclable

100 % recyclable

Products made with 100 % recyclable, sustainable and ecologic materials.

Get to know the most ecological street lighting of the world.

10-year warranty

10-year warranty

The longest warranty in the sector.

Since 1969.

Effectiveness tested in tropical environments.