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ATP Lighting launches the new Metrópoli Color, a state-of-the-art outdoor luminaire with dynamic RGBW backlighting, controllable via Bluetooth or DMX

Wednesday, 22 may 2024

ATP Lighting is pleased to announce the official launch of its new state-of-the-art luminaire, Metrópoli Color, available from today, May 22. This innovative product represents a significant advancement in ornamental and decorative lighting, offering a dynamic RGBW backlit cover, controlled via Bluetooth or DMX, capable of reproducing over 250 million colors and performing versatile light shows, transitions, and synchronized color changes with complex patterns. 

ATP Iluminación, presente en la 115ª Asamblea Nacional de la FCARM (Federación de Colegios de Arquitectos de la República Mexicana)

Wednesday, 15 may 2024

ATP Lighting recently had the privilege to participate in the 115th National Assembly of FCARM (Federation of Architects' Associations of the Mexican Republic) through its commercial director for Mexico, Gerardo Flores. The Navarrese company delivered a presentation on the use of ultra-warm color temperatures in outdoor lighting, within the framework of the event "Mobility and Architecture: The Cities of Tomorrow," held in Mérida, Yucatán.

The municipality of Colldejou, Tarragona (Spain), commits to preserving the darkness of its skies with new LED lighting at 2200 K

Friday, 3 may 2024

In an effort to preserve biodiversity and promote energy efficiency, the picturesque town of Colldejou, located in the province of Tarragona and at the foothills of the Sierra de Llaberia, has undertaken a renovation of its outdoor lighting system by adopting state-of-the-art LED technology provided by ATP Iluminación. Situated just 7 kilometers from the protected area of the Montsant Natural Park, this municipality is committed to maintaining a respectful and appealing nighttime environment.

La Torre de Fontaubella (Spain) chooses LED PC Amber lighting to preserve the darkness of its night skies

Friday, 26 april 2024

In an effort to preserve the night sky and promote sustainability, La Torre de Fontaubella has undergone a notable transformation in its outdoor lighting system by implementing LED PC Amber technology. Located in the Catalan region of El Priorat and part of the E1 light pollution protection area of the Montsant Natural Park, this municipality has become an example of energy efficiency and environmental respect. With the installation of the new lighting, the municipality has experienced energy savings of over 70%.

Lighting transformation in Bouzas, Vigo, with retrofit: led upgrade using existing light fixtures

Friday, 12 april 2024

Recently, in the coastal town of Bouzas, the Port Authority of Vigo has completed an LED upgrade project for existing ATP assemblies, comprised of Pescador S discharge luminaires, Avenida columns, and attached curved arms. After more than 16 years, these assemblies, constructed with engineering technical polymers immune to corrosion, were in perfect condition despite the harsh conditions of humidity, temperature, salinity, and erosion inherent to the oceanic environment. Thanks to this, it has been possible to leverage the structure of the fixtures and exclusively replace the light source with the ATP KitLED® S LED upgrade kit.

Nerja, in Málaga's Costa del Sol, renews its entire exterior lighting installation with nearly 2000 ATP LED luminaires

Friday, 5 april 2024

The coastal town of Nerja (Costa del Sol, Málaga), famous for its crystal-clear beaches, has recently renovated its entire exterior lighting in a comprehensive project aimed at improving illumination, reducing consumption, addressing recurrent corrosion issues, and mitigating light pollution. The initiative has been carried out with nearly 2000 ATP Lighting LED luminaires, installed to replace the previous discharge fixtures (HM and VSAP) and dedicated to various applications, including classic, ornamental, ambient, and road lighting.

ATP illuminates the coastal town of Maro, Málaga, with corrosion-resistant solutions

Friday, 22 march 2024

Maro, a charming corner on the coast of Málaga known for its crystal-clear beaches and Mediterranean atmosphere, has upgraded its outdoor lighting to LED. Over 80 discharge luminaires have been replaced by Siglo XLA LED models from ATP Lighting, enhancing energy efficiency and improving the lighting quality of the area. The project, meticulously planned and executed, has preserved the existing ATP public lighting columns, which have remained in perfect condition over the years due to their corrosion resistance and resilience to the marine environment.

ATP lights up the Sabinillas seaside promenade, Málaga (Spain), with immune to corrosion lighting assemblies

Thursday, 14 march 2024

The Sabinillas promenade, located in the coastal city of Málaga (Spain), is a landmark of the municipality of Manilva that attracts residents and tourists alike with its Mediterranean charm and vibrant seaside ambiance. Recently, ATP Lighting has been involved in enhancing this iconic urban space through a cutting-edge outdoor lighting project. The implementation of the Comfort Diffuser® in the luminaires, ensures a pleasant and safe visual experience for promenade users during nighttime hours. 

ATP Lighting celebrates record satisfaction in its 2023 customer surveys

Wednesday, 6 march 2024

ATP Lighting is proud to announce the outstanding results of its 2023 customer satisfaction surveys. With a firm commitment to continuous improvement of products and services, the company has reached an average rating of 9.1 out of 10, thanks to valuable feedback from its customers. Every delivery from ATP Lighting is accompanied by a satisfaction survey, providing customers the opportunity to express their opinions on the products and services received.

ATP lights up the Luis A. Ferré Center for Fine Arts in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Friday, 1 march 2024

The Luis A. Ferré Center for Fine Arts, an emblematic multipurpose venue in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been a landmark venue for culturally significant events in the region for decades. In recent years, following a significant renovation to refurbish and update the building, the center's administration made the decision to modernize its lighting system, recognizing the importance of improving light quality and luminaire durability. One of the main concerns of the institution was corrosion caused by proximity to the sea.

Why don't ATP Lighting luminaires need surge protectors?

Friday, 23 february 2024

In the field of outdoor lighting, surges represent a significant technical challenge that can compromise the integrity and durability of LED luminaires. In this article, we will delve into the issue of surges, their underlying causes, and the reasons why ATP Lighting luminaires effectively resist these electrical disturbances without the need for surge protectors. Additionally, we will explore specific examples of environments prone to electrical storms, where ATP has successfully addressed surge issues with its polymeric lighting assemblies.

New lighting in Bellvitge: ATP presents its second intervention in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Cataluña, Spain)

Friday, 16 february 2024

ATP Lighting presents its recent lighting project in the neighborhood of Bellvitge, located in the town of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, in Catalonia. This initiative marks ATP's second collaboration in this neighborhood, thus demonstrating the continuous trust and satisfaction of local residents and authorities in the company's lighting products and solutions. The project consisted of installing 45 sets composed of 4-meter-high Olimpo Columns along with Aire® Series 3 luminaires in 3000 K, equipped with Comfort Diffuser® to mitigate glare.

ATP Lighting and MicaMed Limited, over a decade illuminating Malta

Friday, 9 february 2024

In the heart of the Mediterranean, the island of Malta stands as a natural and cultural treasure. However, its beauty is not without challenges. Strong winds laden with sand and an aggressive saline environment rapidly deteriorated the existing metal lighting fixtures on the island, requiring constant maintenance expenses or replacements. The Maltese administration thus faced a persistent problem that demanded a radically different solution. In this scenario, ATP Lighting, in collaboration with MicaMed Limited, proposed an alternative: complete lighting sets composed of columns and luminaires, made of immune to corrosion engineering polymers. 

Illuminating Sweden: ATP and Annell enhance the nighttime landscape with cutting-edge LED technology

Friday, 2 february 2024

In recent years, ATP Lighting, in collaboration with its strategic partner Annell, has brought more than 2500 luminaires to the streets of Sweden. This Nordic country requires lighting that can operate effectively and withstand the rigors of its climate without the need for maintenance, including very cold and long winters, frequent snowfalls, and occasional storms with lightning that can cause overvoltages and failures in conventional LED lighting. Annell, a Swedish distributor and lighting studio founded in 1962, has been relying on ATP's solutions for public lighting in the country for years.

Efficiency, durability, and safety on the coasts of Nigrán, Galicia, with ATP Lighting

Friday, 26 january 2024

ATP Lighting, a specialist in coastal area lighting, presents another successful coastal lighting project, this time in the municipality of Nigrán, Galicia (Spain). The intervention involved replacing the old VSAP discharge lanterns with classic-looking Siglo XLA LED models, equipped with Comfort® Diffuser to reduce glare. As is customary with ATP, the renewal was carried out with precise light levels to ensure safety without over-illumination, using customized optics. This has allowed for over 70% energy savings compared to the previous discharge lighting.

ATP Lighting renews the lighting in the coastal municipality of Navia, Asturias (Spain), with corrosion-resistant LED solutions

Thursday, 18 january 2024

Lighting projects along the seaside are the specialty of ATP Lighting, which has recently completed another lighting renewal in a coastal area with a challenging climate. This time, it's the coastal municipality of Navia in Asturias, where the Navarrese company has replaced the previous 150 W VSAP lamps with corrosion-resistant Litoral LED luminaires of 25 and 35 W, featuring Comfort Diffuser® to mitigate glare. The project has been custom-designed with precise light levels to ensure safety, and with customized optics directing light only where needed.

ATP Lighting transforms the Coastal Path of Marbella (Málaga, Spain) with avant-garde, sustainable, and corrosion-resistant lighting

Thursday, 14 december 2023

ATP Lighting has completed another section of the lighting project on the Coastal Path of Marbella (Málaga), a wooden path along the sea, perfect for walking and sports. The municipality's City Council has chosen modern and elegant lighting with an ornamental touch. The path has been illuminated with corrosion-resistant assemblies from ATP, consisting of four-meter Coliseum columns (the first two-meter section in dark gray and the second in light gray) and Metrópoli LBLC luminaires in dark gray, with an illuminated white conical finish that adds distinction.

Sustainable renovation: ATP illuminates the coastal municipality of Bergondo with corrosion-resistant LED lighting

Friday, 5 january 2024

ATP Lighting continues to implement corrosion-resistant LED lighting projects in coastal areas. On this occasion, the Navarrese company has been entrusted with the renewal of public lighting in parishes belonging to the Municipality of Bergondo (Galicia). This initiative has been funded by IDAE as part of the transition to a low-carbon economy, under the Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund for sustainable growth.

ATP implements an automatic logistics control system in its Arre production plant

Wednesday, 3 january 2024

ATP has announced the implementation of a new automatic control and logistics management system at its Arre production plant. The project has been carried out with assistance granted by the Government of Navarra, as part of the Digital Business Promotion plan. This initiative, undertaken as part of the company's digitization strategy, aims to increase efficiency in warehouse management by automating internal product movement control.

Los Álamos, Málaga: a lighting story that endures over time

Friday, 17 november 2023

Los Álamos residential area, in Torremolinos, Málaga, installed ATP lighting sets (hexagonal luminaires and columns) during its construction in the 1980s. The lighting has been operating flawlessly since then, on the beachfront without the need for maintenance. Today, almost 40 years later, residents have once again trusted ATP Lighting to transition to LED and benefit from the high energy savings offered by this technology.


ATP launches its new guide to outdoor lighting solutions for astrotourism projects

Thursday, 2 november 2023

The Navarrese company ATP Lighting presents its new guide to sustainable outdoor lighting solutions for astrotourism projects, which analyzes the essentials of optimal lighting for the preservation of the night sky and the promotion of destinations focused on astronomical tourism. For communities wishing to offer astronomical tourism opportunities, it is essential to have a customized outdoor lighting project that ensures safety and comfort while preserving the darkness of the sky.

ATP Iluminación wins Best Road/Environmental Lighting Award for its comprehensive street lighting renovation project in Cangas de Morrazo (Galicia, Spain)

Thursday, 28 september 2023

The project 'Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting Renovation' carried out by ATP Lighting in collaboration with the UTE Constructora San José-Sielvigo in Cangas de Morrazo has been honored with the prestigious prize for the best road or environmental lighting at the I Lighting Awards presented by the Urban Solutions Symposium 2023. This event recognizes the best performances in public lighting in Spanish cities, emphasizing the importance of efficient lighting in improving the quality of life for citizens and urban sustainability.

ATP Iluminación will be a Gold Sponsor of the Urban Solutions Symposium

Friday, 22 september 2023

ATP will be a Gold Sponsor of the Urban Solutions Symposium 2023, a key gathering to explore urban trends in lighting, energy efficiency, infrastructure, and sustainability. The congress will be held on October 4th, 5th, and 6th at the Cidade da Cultura in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). The Symposium will feature a program of lectures and an exhibition area where ATP will have a booth to showcase its new proposals in outdoor lighting and urban furniture.

ATP Iluminación installs solar panels at its Arre factory to improve its energy efficiency and achieve a more sustainable industrial operation

Tuesday, 5 september 2023

ATP Iluminación has installed solar panels at its Arre factory to generate its own power supply. This is a self-consumption installation without surplus compensation, featuring an anti-feeding system connected to the internal grid associated with a single consumer, in compliance with RD244/2019. This initiative is part of the ‘Aid for the Implementation of Incentive Programs Linked to Self-Consumption and Renewable Energy Storage’ within the framework of the ‘Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan’, funded by the European Union through the NextGenerationEU Funds.


Caspe renews all its outdoor lighting with ATP Lighting's 2200 K LED

Saturday, 5 august 2023

ATP signs another custom comprehensive lighting renovation project, this time in Caspe (Zaragoza, Spain), a town with over 10,000 inhabitants and significant historical heritage. Faced with the age and deterioration of the previous installation and the high electricity bill, the City Council embarked on a total lighting upgrade for the municipality, aiming to improve the quality of urban lighting, reduce electricity consumption, mitigate light pollution, and enhance safety.

The City Council of Tudela renews the municipality's outdoor lighting with nearly 8000 ATP LED 2200 K fixtures, achieving an 85% energy savings

Friday, 4 august 2023

The City Council of Tudela has undertaken a comprehensive project in collaboration with ATP Iluminación to modernize the city's lighting. This initiative involved replacing approximately 8000 luminaires with LED technology, many of them featuring an ultra-warm color temperature of 2200 K. Through meticulous calculations of light and energy, and personalized optimization of optics and photometrics, this renovation resulted in an impressive total energy savings of approximately 85% compared to the previous installation.


ATP participates as a GOLD sponsor in the XLIX National Lighting Symposium of the Spanish Lighting Committee (CEI)

Friday, 12 may 2023

This year, ATP has participated as a GOLD sponsor in the XLIX National Lighting Symposium organized by the Spanish Lighting Committee (CEI), held from May 10th to 12th in Huesca. The Navarre company has contributed with two presentations, one on warm color temperatures in outdoor lighting and another on their customized project for the comprehensive renovation of lighting in Tudela.


Cangas de Morrazo (Galicia, Spain) renews all its exterior lighting with ATP's 3000 K LED

Thursday, 16 march 2023

The City Council of Cangas (Galicia, Spain) has recently completed its comprehensive exterior lighting renovation project in the municipality of Cangas de Morrazo (which includes the parishes of Aldán, Cangas, Coiro, Darbo, and Hío) with ATP's polymeric LED 3000 K luminaires. The project covered very different scenarios, from seaside promenades to parks, streets, and urban centers, so it was necessary to implement a mixed solution with diverse ATP models, both modern and classic, including Alfa, Enur Micro, Metropolis, and the ornamental Villa. 

ATP obtains a grant from the Government of Navarra in the Digital Business Promotion Plan 2022

Friday, 27 january 2023

ATP Lighting has recently obtained a grant from the Government of Navarra in the Digital Business Promotion Plan. The endowment will be invested in undertaking the digital transformation of different processes proposed in the Digital Transformation Plan (DTP) executed by the company.

ATP obtains the InnovaRSE 2022 seal, bestowed by the Government of Navarra

Wednesday, 30 november 2022

ATP Lighting has recently obtained the InnovaRSE 2022 seal, awarded by the Government of Navarra to those companies that accredit the implementation of social responsibility (SR). This seal is accompanied by a backing that must be dedicated to the promotion of said activity.

ATP releases its new general outdoor lighting catalogue

Thursday, 3 march 2022

This week, the Navarre-based company ATP Iluminación has released its new general outdoor lighting catalogue, based entirely on LED technology. This edition, carefully designed down to the last detail, provides all the necessary information to become an optimal working tool when it comes to developing street lighting projects in any area (urban, rural, residential, road, sports or industrial).

ATP accede al programa MODERN, destinado a la adquisición de maquinaria industrial para modernizar procesos productivos

Friday, 26 november 2021

ATP Iluminación ha accedido recientemente al programa MODERN, destinado a la adquisición de maquinaria industrial para la modernización de procesos productivos, Este programa consta de una ayuda cofinanciada al 50 % por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional al través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020 de Navarra.

ATP attends the XLVII National Lighting Symposium of the Spanish Lighting Committee

Thursday, 30 september 2021

ATP attended its appointment with the XLVII National Lighting Symposium, the meeting organized annually by the Spanish Lighting Committee where experts from the sector from all over the country attend to share knowledge. This edition of the Symposium, held in Vigo from September 29th to October 1st, focused on the impact of climate change, pollution, and the cost of energy on lighting.

ATP Lighting will soon launch its new general LED catalog

Friday, 3 september 2021

The Navarran company ATP Lighting has announced that they will soon launch their new general catalog of LED outdoor lighting. This edition, carefully prepared, will include all the necessary information to become an indispensable tool to work on public lighting projects.

The villa of Noreña renews all its outdoor lighting with an environmentally-friendly customized project

Thursday, 17 june 2021

The Town Hall of Noreña, Asturias, has recently renewed the entire outdoor lighting of the homonymous villa, made up by more than 1200 luminaires. ATP Iluminación has developed customized solutions for this large-scale project to achieve an optimum result in every corner of the town. This project was carefully planned from the beginning in order to obtain the most rational and efficient lighting possible. It can be adjusted according to the needs of each area in the villa, primarily avoiding over-illumination. 

ATP Lighting's E Series floodlight and KitLED® win Red Dot award for high quality design

Tuesday, 25 may 2021

The combination of products formed by the E Series floodlight and the KitLED® by ATP has received the Red Dot 2021 Lighting Design award, one of the most prestigious design awards available and for which thousands of candidates compete every year. Under the motto "In search of good design and innovation", an international jury of 50 experts examined the products according to evaluation criteria such as formal quality, ergonomics, durability and features applicable to their field, in this case lighting. 

ATP renews the outdoor lighting in Mutilva with LED 3000 K

Wednesday, 7 april 2021

The Town Hall of Valle de Aranguren, Navarra, recently completed the renovation of Mutilva's outdoor lighting. A town with more than 10,000 people, it had so far been illuminated using high-pressure sodium lighting (HPS), a technology with excessive power and energy consumption by current standards. The upper light output ratio (ULOR) of such lighting, plus its limited color rendering index (CRI) were miles away from what cutting-edge LED solutions can offer today. After studying the needs of the project, the Town Hall chose the ATP Metrópoli LP LED model,  with a color temperature of 3000 K. A total of 87 luminaires were installed (72 35 W, five 35 W dimmed to 30 W, and 10 15 W), with a flat safety glass enclosure designed to provide a value of ULOR = 0 %.

ATP obtains a grant co-financed at 50 % by the European Regional Development Fund through the 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Program of Navarra

Tuesday, 2 march 2021

ATP Lighting has recently obtained a grant co-financed at 50 % by the European Regional Development Fund through the 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Program of Navarra. The funds have been allocated to the automation of production processes to improve their efficiency and strengthen competitiveness.

ATP renews its ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certificates, as well as the N, ENEC, CE, and CB seals for its entire catalog of luminaires and columns

Friday, 5 february 2021

ATP Lighting closes the first month of 2021 renewing its certificates ISO 9001 "Quality Management System", ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System", and ISO 45001 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System", as well as the N, ENEC, CE, and CB seals for its entire catalog of luminaires and columns, after passing all the audits carried out with AENOR since November 2020. The company thus maintains and reinforces its commitment to excellence in product quality and process efficiency, satisfaction of customer needs, occupational safety, and protection of the environment. 

ATP renews the outdoor lighting in Yamaguchi Park and the Pamplona Planetarium with 2200K LED luminaires

Wednesday, 23 december 2020

The Pamplona Town Hall recently completed the renewal of the outdoor lightingYAMin Yamaguchi Park, a Japanese garden covering 85,000 square meters located in Ermitagaña neighborhood. The replacement of the 150 W HM luminaires by ATP's 2200 K LED Evolución P solution, together with the inclusion of the power reduction time profile, has made it possible to achieve energy savings of over 89 %. In addition, the combination of a 0 % ULORinst value with a color temperature of 2200 K has led to a very significant reduction in the environmental impact.

Todolux interviews the COO of ATP Lighting, Guillermo Redrado, for a new edition of Electricity Meetings

Monday, 14 december 2020

The digital platform specialized in lighting Todolux - Lighting Influencers has published a video interview with the COO of ATP Lighting and delegate of the North Zone of the Spanish Lighting Committee (CEI), Guillermo Redrado, as part of their Electricity Meetings program on YouTube. In the interview, entitled Key technical aspects for LED outdoor lighting projects, Redrado analyzes the essential parameters that must be taken into account to guarantee the quality, efficiency, safety, and environmental respect of the public lighting installation.

Alfa LED outdoor luminaire: a comprehensive renovation regarding design and technology

Tuesday, 20 october 2020

The Alfa outdoor street light has been one of the most iconic luminaires manufactured by the Navarre-based company ATP Lighting. Its marine-inspired appearance, immunity to corrosion, and good performance have positioned it at the forefront for lighting promenades, as well as recreation and residential areas near the coast around the world. This ATP flagship now incorporates LED technology, keeping all its advantages. It has undergone a comprehensive redesign and updating process to renew its aesthetics and adapt its structure to the new light source, without losing the characteristic essence to which it owes its popularity.

ATP upgrades the classic lighting in La Taconera gardens using KitLED® 2200 K

Friday, 24 july 2020

The Pamplona Town Hall recently decided to renovate the classic outdoor lighting in La Taconera gardens, the oldest park in the city. The project intended to keep intact the existing ornamental streetlights and upgrade their HPS light source to LED technology without altering their enclosure, so retrofitting was required. ATP's KitLED® was chosen, which is a system designed to quickly and easily upgrade any luminaire from any manufacturer to the firm's LED technology. The new lighting has saved approximately 60 % in energy consumption. 

ATP Lighting launches its new corporate presentation

Friday, 19 june 2020

ATP Lighting, specialized in designing and manufacturing high-quality outdoor lighting and urban furniture using engineering technopolymers, has recently launched its new corporate presentation. It includes all the relevant information regarding this Navarre-based company with more than 50 years of experience in a quick and visual format.

Light+Building 2020, definitively canceled due to the global health crisis

Wednesday, 6 may 2020

Messe Frankfurt has announced the cancellation of Light+Building 2020 due to the global health crisis. The organizer, who had already moved the event to September, has decided to defer the renowned international fair and to hold it, following its normal sequence, from 13 to 18 March 2022.

ATP responds to COVID-19 with a contingency plan to protect the health of its workers and clients and maintain its activity

Wednesday, 25 march 2020

Due to the situation caused by COVID-19, ATP Lighting has implemented a contingency plan to protect the health of its workers and clients and maintain the activity and service of the company, strictly complying with the guidelines established by the authorities. Measures include remote work for office staff  and the organization of production in non-overlapping shifts. 

ATP renews Vuelta del Castillo Park's outdoor lighting using 2200 K LED luminaires

Monday, 9 march 2020

The Vuelta del Castillo park is Pamplona's iconic green area. These gardens, located on the citadel's glacis and covering 300 000 square meters, are widely used for walking and practicing outdoor activities. Recently, the Town Hall decided to upgrade the street lighting in this area, which consisted of high-pressure sodium vapor lamps. The goals of the project were to improve lighting quality by increasing the CRI and uniformity, reducing light pollution and glare, and saving on power consumption and maintenance.

Light+Building 2020 postponed to September due to the health situation in Europe

Tuesday, 25 february 2020

Messe Frankfurt announced yesterday in an official statement its decision to postpone the 2020 edition of Light+Building to September due to the health situation in Europe.


UPDATE 2/27/2020: Messe Frankfurt makes official the new dates of the Light+Building 2020: from September 27 to October 2. ATP confirms its presence.

ATP will be at the Light+Building 2020 presenting its new street lighting general catalog, entirely in LED

Friday, 14 february 2020

ATP, the specialist in design and manufacture of cutting-edge and immune to corrosion LED street lighting made from engineering polymers, will attend the international fair Light+Building 2020, held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center from March 8 to 13. The company, which will be at stand D11 in hall 4.0, will officially present its new general street lighting catalog, with its full range of products in LED. On Tuesday, March 10, the firm will be receiving the media in its stand throughout the day, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ATP will present its latest innovations at the Expo Lighting America 2020

Friday, 7 february 2020

ATP, the specialist in design and manufacture of cutting-edge and immune to corrosion LED street lighting made from engineering polymers, will present its latest high-performance innovations in the Expo Lighting America (ELA) 2020 show, at booth 217. This tenth edition of the ELA, whose central theme is Human Centric Lighting (HCL), will take place from February 25 to 27 at the Citibanamex Center, in Mexico City, and will bring together thousands of professionals in the sector.

ATP obtains the ISO 45001:2018 'Occupational Health and Safety Management System' certification by AENOR

Wednesday, 22 january 2020

ATP Lighting has recently obtained the ISO 45001:2018 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" certification after requesting that AENOR carry out an external audit of its operations. This audit was done in order to guarantee the prevention of occupational risks, avoid injuries of any kind and protect the health of the firm's employees. As well as this new certification, the company has also been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 "Quality Management System" and ISO 14001:2015 "Environmental Management System" in recent years, placing ATP among the companies most committed to excellence in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection.

ATP launches its LED outdoor lighting Aire® floodlight: versatile and adaptable, suitable for any application

Sunday, 15 december 2019

The Navarrese company ATP Lighting has recently expanded its LED offer with the launch of its new high-performance floodlight Aire®, based on the engineering and design of the multi-award-winning homonymous luminaire. Aire® is one of the most versatile and adaptable floodlights on the market, suitable for any application: from architectural, ornamental, sports or industrial lighting to hotels and large commercial areas. The new luminaire comes in three versions: 3 Series (25/35/55 W), 5 Series (75/100 W) and 7 Series (125/150/200 W).

ATP Iluminación obtiene una ayuda del Gobierno de Navarra para articular un plan de igualdad

Tuesday, 12 november 2019

ATP Iluminación ha obtenido una ayuda del Gobierno de Navarra en la convocatoria de 2019 destinada a crear planes de igualdad en la empresa. Los fondos se usarán para implantar las medidas y protocolos que marca la nueva legislación. 

ATP recibe una ayuda del Gobierno de Navarra en la convocatoria de 2019 para inversiones en adaptación de equipos y lugares de trabajo

Thursday, 24 october 2019

ATP Iluminación ha recibido una ayuda del Gobierno de Navarra en la convocatoria de 2019 destinada a realizar inversiones en adaptación de equipos y lugares de trabajo para fomentar la seguridad y la salud de los profesionales y reducir así la siniestralidad laboral. La dotación se ha invertido en incluir dispositivos de prevención de riesgos en las máquinas que lo requerían, tales como señales de advertencia, pantallas protectoras, pestillos o sistemas de parada de emergencia.

ATP Lighting obtains a grant from the Government of Navarra's regional plan for the Promotion of the Digital Company 2019

Wednesday, 25 september 2019

ATP Lighting has recently received a grant from the Government of Navarra's regional plan for the Promotion of the Digital Company of 2019, whose objective is to facilitate the implementation of information and communication technologies in the companies of that territory. The firm used the funds to develop digital instruments meant to simplify and automate its business processes.

The IDAE highlights the outdoor lighting renovation project in the Egüés Valley as an outstanding example for its technical quality

Friday, 26 july 2019

The Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy) (IDAE) has selected the renovation project for the outdoor lighting installations in Valle de Egüés, recently completed by ATP, as an outstanding example of an intervention carried out within the framework of its Lighting Program, as they explain it from the institution, "due to its technical quality and the high potential its results have to be replicated across Spain, both at a regional and council level". The plan covers very diverse scenarios with different lighting and aesthetic needs, which required a highly adaptable product.

ATP celebrates 50 years dedicated to the design and manufacture of a one of a kind public lighting system

Thursday, 16 may 2019

Last Tuesday, May 7, the 50th anniversary of ATP Iluminación was celebrated at the company's headquarters in Arre, Pamplona. ATP is specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality outdoor lighting created from technical engineering polymers, offering a product that is unique in the world: lighting units that are immune to corrosion, electrocutionproof, extremely resistant to vandalism, and totally hermetic. The President of the Navarre Government, Uxue Barkos, participated in the meeting, along with ATP executives, members of the Spanish Lighting Committee, and local authorities.

ATP, present at the XLV National Lighting Symposium of the Spanish Lighting Committee

Tuesday, 14 may 2019

ATP did not miss the XLV National Lighting Symposium, the benchmark conference annually organized by the Spanish Lighting Committee, in which experts on the sector from all over the country gather to share knowledge on different aspects of their area of expertise. This Symposium edition, held in Pamplona on March 8, 9 and 10, exceeded attendance expectations compared to previous years, and stood out for the high-quality of the lectures held. ATP Lighting, which has been sponsoring this congress for more than three decades, was represented by three of its specialists.

Corrosion due to dog urine, a growing threat to public lighting

Thursday, 11 april 2019

Corrosion of public lighting poles due to dog urine has become a major problem in many modern cities, where the number of these animals has been growing progressively over the years. According to the census of Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians (AMVAC–acronym in Spanish–), there are 5 147 980 dogs only in Spain. The outdoor lighting company ATP solve deterioration due to dog urine through luminaries and poles built with technical polymers, which have among their properties the immunity to corrosion.

Ideal solutions for outdoor LED lighting in hotels

Thursday, 28 february 2019

Let's imagine a high quality and maintenance-free exterior lighting, with the latest LED technology to achieve minimum power consumption, which totally eliminates the risk of electrocution and also boasts a formidable esthetic presence. Any hotel would like to have such equipment, and that is exactly what is offered by ATP Lighting, the world's leading manufacturer of street lighting and urban furniture made from technical engineering polymers. To these revolutionary features, we must add the possibility of controlling the lighting of the hotel from any device with Bluetooth and the tranquility provided by a comprehensive warranty of 10 years, the longest in the sector.

ATP, present at Expo Lighting America 2019

Friday, 22 february 2019

ATP, the specialist in the design and manufacture of immune to corrosion LED outdoor lighting made from technical engineering polymers, will present its most recent solutions at Expo Lighting America (ELA) 2019, on the stand 217. This year's edition, whose central theme will be the technological evolution and its application in public lighting, will be held on 5, 6 and 7 March at the Citibanamex center, in Mexico City, and it will bring together thousands of professionals of the sector.

ATP Lighting, 50 years innovating

Thursday, 7 february 2019

"Since its foundation in 1969, this company has been defined by a unique approach in the sector: identifying the main problems of outdoor lighting and solving them in an ingenious way through an intense R & D effort", explains Guillermo Redrado, COO of the company, in this year of commemoration. ATP Lighting, specialist in the design and manufacture of high-quality public lighting from technical engineering polymers, celebrates its 50th anniversary, which is a great opportunity to go over the concept of the brand and its evolution today.

ATP completes the project of public lighting replacement in Egüés Valley

Thursday, 31 january 2019

ATP has completed the total renovation of Egüés Valley's (Navarre, Spain) outdoor lighting, commissioned by the administration of the aforementioned municipality. The objectives of this project were numerous and demanding: achieve a high saving in energy consumption and maintenance costs, improve uniformity, luminosity and color rendering index, eliminate light pollution and reinforce citizen security, especially in the rural areas of the Valley. According to data from the City Council, with the new ATP lighting, the electricity consumption has been reduced by more than 60 %.

ATP's public lighting LED luminaire Aire® receives the German Design Award for the second consecutive year.

Wednesday, 21 november 2018

ATP's public lighting luminaire Aire® has been presented with the renowned design prize German Design Award (GDA 2019) for the second consecutive year. This time it received a Special Mention, awarded in recognition of its functionality, its avant-garde lines and its unique combination of technical innovations. The GDA 2019 jury, comprised of 46 leading design experts from the industry as well as the academic and scientific fields, describes it as "a modern public lighting luminaire that features clean, minimalist and functional design and exhibits innovative lighting technology".

Corrosion, the worst enemy of outdoor lighting in coastal areas

Wednesday, 19 september 2018

Proximity to the sea has always been a big challenge for outdoor lighting. Street lights on promenades, harbors, docks and other coastal areas are exposed to a humid and saline environment with a very intense corrosion power. The rapid damage generated by these conditions compromises the structural safety and mechanical strength of the poles, and breaks the hermetical seal of the luminaires, causing frequent breakdowns and performance alterations. ATP's LED immune to corrosion ensembles offer the ultimate solution to this problem.


LED street lighting family Aire® gets the certificates N, ENEC and CB with AENOR

Tuesday, 21 august 2018

As ATP announced a few months ago, LED outdoor lighting family Aire® (series 3, 5 and 7) has obtained the certificates N, ENEC and CB for a voltage and frequency range of 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz and color temperatures from 2200 to 4000 K and PC Amber. These distinctions, obtained through AENOR after passing the corresponding tests in the Official Central Laboratory of Electrical Engineering (LCOE), guarantee IP66, IK10 and Class II categories in three territorial areas: national (N), European (ENEC) and global (CB).

ATP LED street lighting: the only one in the world immune to overvoltages

Thursday, 2 august 2018

One of the most notorious weaknesses of diode technology is its sensitivity to overvoltages, whether caused by electrical grid maneuvers or by atmospheric or electrostatic discharges. However, ATP's LED luminaires are immune to these surges, thanks to their materials and their robust architecture. First, the company's products are Class II by nature and do not need grounding, which is the main way of entry of atmospheric discharges. Also, their entire structure is made from exclusive technical engineering polymers T5 and S7 instead of metal, which eliminates any possibility of electrostatic discharges.

ATP will bring the LED technology of the future to Light + Building 2018

Thursday, 22 february 2018

ATP has confirmed its attendance at the biannual Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, where it will have its own brand stand –hall 5, C44–. The company will showcase its new generation of high-performance LED ensembles with Laminar® Heatsink and Confort® Diffuser, two innovations that will shape the future of diode technology applied to street lighting. The main protagonist of the exhibition will be the revolutionary Aire® luminaire, distinguished by its sleek and avant-garde design with the renowned German Design Award 2018 and the Design Plus powered by Light + Building.

ATP will attend the Expo Lighting América 2018 with the most advanced LED solutions on the market

Wednesday, 21 february 2018

ATP Lighting, will attend the Expo Lighting America (ELA) 2018 to showcase its latest LED innovations –stand 217–. This eighth edition of the ELA, whose main theme is "Light, Design and Comfort," will take place on February 27 and 28 and March 1 in Mexico City, at the Citibanamex center, and will bring together thousands of professionals of the sector. The COO of ATP Lighting, Guillermo Redrado, will also give the lecture "LED visual comfort: how to select the right luminaires?" on Wednesday, February 28, at 3:00 pm.

ATP Lighting, part of the "A way to build Europe" initiative

Friday, 29 december 2017

ATP Lighting has recently obtained a grant co-financed at 50 % by the European Regional Development Fund through the FEDER Operational Program of Navarra 2014-2020, identified with the slogan "A way to build Europe". According to EU Regulation 1301/2013, the function of the FEDER fund is to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union.

Cónica and Venus LED families by ATP Lighting obtain the N, ENEC and CB certificates, issued by AENOR

Saturday, 23 december 2017

The Cónica and Venus ATP Lighting's LED families have recently obtained the N, ENEC and CB certificates after the evaluation of AENOR, and thus complete the way started by Siglo, Plaza, Malaki, Villa, Villa Royal and Enur series. This new addition means that the entire LED catalog of the firm has now the maximum international quality guarantees. As it happened with the ATP luminaires certified before, the Cónica and Venus passed the tests required by AENOR in the Official Central Laboratory of Electrotechnics (LCOE), which prove their IP66, IK10 and Class II degrees. The three certificates, as a whole, have a global scope: the N is for Spain; the ENEC, for Europe, and the CB is recognized in more than 50 countries in the rest of the world.

KitLED®, the new universal LED upgrade kit by ATP

Wednesday, 22 november 2017

ATP stands out once again in the public lighting industry launching the revolutionary universal KitLED® with its exclusives Laminar Heatsink® and Comfort Diffuser®. This device allows to quickly, easily and inexpensively upgrade any discharge luminaire, from any manufacturer, to the most advanced LED technology on the market, only offered by ATP. With this innovation, the old light source is replaced by a highly evolved LED unit with its respective power supply, all perfectly adjusted to the street lighting ensemble to be modified. The different parts of the kit are assembled to make a single compact and functional block, with an adaptable attachment and an IP68 plug & play tubular connector specially designed so that the replacement is totally safe and can be done in a very short time.

ATP Lighting's Villa family obtains the certificates N, ENEC and CB, granted by AENOR

Monday, 19 june 2017

Another ATP Lighting's family of luminaires already enjoys the certificates N, ENEC and CB granted by AENOR, both in their versions of discharge as in LED. This time, as ATP recently advanced, it is the turn for the series of squared classics Villa and Villa Royal, which joins to the circular classics Siglo, Plaza and Malaki, and to the road and suburban luminaire family Enur. As in previous cases, the Villa has had to pass the tests required by AENOR in the Official Central Laboratory of Electrical Engineering (LCOE), which guarantees –among other parameters of electromagnetic compatibility, performance and technical safety– the IP66, IK10 and Class II of the aforementioned luminaires.

Responsible light

Thursday, 18 may 2017

To achieve the sustainability of industrial activities and the long-term conservation of the planet, the commitment to the environment must be total: it is not enough to reduce polluting emissions or energy consumption, but is essential to fully control all the stages of the production process, down to the smallest details. This is the idea that motivated ATP Lighting to undergo voluntarily the audit performed by AENOR to be certified under ISO 14001: 2015 "Environmental Management Systems", which guarantees that every step that the company takes to develop and distribute its product is environmentally friendly and complies with all local, regional, national and European legal requirements.

ATP Lighting presents its solutions in LED public lighting at the Expo Lighting America 2017

Thursday, 16 march 2017

ATP presented its most recent solutions in LED outdoor lighting at the ELA 2017, held recently at the Citibanamex center, in Mexico. The Spanish company showed its latest generation luminaires with Laminar Heatsink® and Comfort Diffuser®, the two innovations created by ATP Lighting to solve the overheating of LED modules and the dazzling produced by this light source, respectively. The firm also displayed what will be its next main global launch: the LED luminaire Aire®. To complete the event, ATP's chief operating officer, Guillermo Redrado, offered the lecture "Reliability, protections and lifespan: key points for the choice of LED public lighting".  

AENOR bestows the N, ENEC and CB certificates to the Enur family of ATP Lighting

Monday, 30 january 2017

As ATP promised last year, its family of road and suburban lighting ENUR just got the N, ENEC and CB certificates, in both discharge and LED versions. Enur 250, Enur L, Enur P, Enur Eco and Enur Micro series are thus added to the Siglo, Plaza and Malaki, which obtained the same distinctions a few months ago. These certificates, granted by AENOR once the products have passed the established tests in the Official Central Laboratory of Electrical Engineering (LCOE), authenticate numerous parameters of electromagnetic compatibility, performance and electrical safety, among which are the IP66, IK10 and Class II categories. Each of them, also, cover a different territorial area: national (N), European (ENEC), and global (CB, valid in over 50 countries around the rest of the world).

ATP launches the Laminar Heatsink®, the solution to LED overheating

Monday, 3 october 2016

ATP already includes in its LED street lights the exclusive Laminar Heatsink®, a unique system designed and internationally patented by the company to solve the overheating inherent to LED and thus extend its lifespan. This device, which unlike fin heatsinks is flat and super-slim, reduces the working temperature of the LED panels by 21 % and prolongs their life over 21 000 hours. Given that the annual average operating time of street lighting in Spain is 4100 hours, this means lengthening LED lifespan to nearly 25 years.

N, ENEC and CB certificates for Siglo, Plaza and Malaki series, in discharge and LED versions

Monday, 29 august 2016

ATP Lighting, the world leader in manufacturing street lighting and urban furniture from technical engineering polymers, has recently obtained the N, the ENEC and the CB certificates for the luminaire family Siglo (Siglo, Plaza and Malaki series), both in their discharge and LED versions. These distinctions, granted by AENOR after passing the required tests in the Official Central Laboratory of Electrical Engineering (LCOE in Spanish), validate, among other parameters (quality, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and performance, for example) the IP66, IK10 and Class II categories of the mentioned series in different territorial areas: national (N), European (ENEC) and in over 50 countries around the world (CB).

ATP Lighting, the first manufacturer of street lighting and urban furniture in obtaining AENOR N Brand certificate for its poles

Friday, 22 july 2016

Again, ATP lighting proves to be at the forefront of technique in the field of public lighting and street furniture: the company has recently become the first licensee of the AENOR N Brand for outdoor lighting poles of steel or aluminum. This certification guarantees the degree of protection IK10 of the mast and the access panel, plus the category IP66 for the pole-access panel surrounding. Thus, not only the ATP are hermetic and vandal-proof, but the masts produced by the firm also enjoy such unique features.


The street lighting of the future made in Spain

Wednesday, 15 june 2016

Article published in the E&E supplement of the national newspaper Cinco Días, 18/04/2016, page 13


We make contact with ATP Lighting, a Spanish company located near Pamplona, world leader in manufacturing street lighting and urban furniture of the highest quality from technical engineering polymers. Since its founding, in 1969, its vocation has been to develop the most advanced and durable products in its sector, and for that purpose, the enterprise has focused on identifying the main problems of outdoor lighting and solving them in an ingenious way through an intense effort in R&D. Anti electrocution lamp posts, immune to corrosion street lights and urban furniture and LED lighting solutions with international patents are some of the letters of introduction of this company that nowadays exports to over 50 countries. His innovative vision gives us an important clue about the future of street lighting.

Getting to know ATP Lighting

Wednesday, 8 june 2016

Anti electrocution lamp posts, immune to corrosion street lighting and urban furniture, LED solutions with international patents: these are some of the keystones of this Spanish company which already exports to over 50 countries. Under the guidance of Guillermo Redrado, COO of the company, we explore the domains of ATP Lighting to get to know its innovative vision of the future of cities.


ATP, the only company of street lighting and urban furniture awarded with the ISSOP seal

Wednesday, 1 june 2016

Another award adds to the long list of prizes granted to ATP by the superb quality of its products and its respect for the environment. In this case, we talk about the ISSOP seal (Sustainable Innovation Without Planned Obsolescence, in Spanish), issued last January by the Feniss foundation to a select group of companies which manufacture items designed in order to last and to work smoothly as long as possible. Of these, ATP is the only member of the public lighting and street furniture sector, which gives an idea of ​​the excellence achieved by their products and shows the distance from other corporations in the same industry.


ATP's Comfort Diffuser®, the solution to glare

Wednesday, 25 may 2016

How can a LED street light keep its performance and simultaneously suppress the glare? This question represents a challenge that has surpassed the industry since light emitting diodes technology broke into the public lighting sector. And, finally, ATP has found the answer through an R & D effort: the revolutionary Comfort Diffuser®. Created using the exclusively formulated T5 polymer and specially designed to mitigate the glare of the LED while maintaining a maximum light output ratio, this unique diffuser is called to inaugurate a new era in the world of latest generation outdoor lighting.

Enur Micro, born to reign in the city

Wednesday, 18 may 2016

Designed to be the top of its category (suburbans of low and medium heights, up to 19 feet), the groundbreaking street light Enur Micro offers the highest technical performance, cutting-edge appearance and durability with no parallel. Either in LED and discharge lamp versions, everything in it is conceived to achieve standards of excellence: materials of an outstanding toughness that do not require maintenance, devices that warranty total tightness of internal elements, maximum efficiency, optimized energy savings and complete clearness. Furthermore, the equipment takes into account the environment and promotes sustainability: it does not generate any light pollution, and its components are 100 % recyclable.

Oviedo, in a different light

Wednesday, 11 may 2016

The first phase of the Oviedo Council's plan to replace the streetlights of the city has already concluded: it involved the installation of 1466 Siglo XLA LED fernandine lamps, including the revolutionary Comfort Diffuser®, along 39 streets. With this performance, ATP has improved the city night appearance and achieved substancial energy savings: the new equipments provide the streets with a clear, clean and colorful image, while they economize more than 70 % of power consumption.

More news
ATP polymeric materials

ATP polymeric materials

Specially designed to satisfy the highest demands of resistance to external agents and to vandalism in public lighting and urban furniture.

Immune to corrosion

Immune to corrosion

Our lighting and outside furniture products are completely rust-proof since they are made out of raw materials which are invulnerable to corrosion.

Anti-electrocution products

Anti-electrocution products

Our products are completely safe since they are made with insulating materials which do not conduct electricity and prevent any danger of electrocution when making contact with the column or the luminaire.

IK10+: Beyond vandal-proof

IK10+: Beyond vandal-proof

Vandal-proof street lighting and urban furniture capable of withstandin impact tests beyond 50 joules, which is more than double that established by the international IK standard (IEC 62262).

IP66+: Totally hermetic

IP66+: Totally hermetic

Several devices ensure the sealing of the luminaire in any situation.

This high IP rate offers whole protection to all the internal elements of the street light.

100 % recyclable

100 % recyclable

Products made with 100 % recyclable, sustainable and ecologic materials.

Get to know the most ecological street lighting of the world.

10-year warranty

10-year warranty

The longest warranty in the sector.

Since 1969.

Effectiveness tested in tropical environments.