Alfa LED outdoor luminaire: a comprehensive renovation regarding design and technology

The new light fixture comes in 15, 25, and 35 W, with customizable optics and multiple aesthetic configurations for both the supported and suspended versions


PAMPLONA —20/10/2020— The Alfa outdoor luminaire has been one of the most iconic light fixtures manufactured by the Navarre-based company ATP Lighting. Its marine-inspired appearance, immunity to corrosion, and good performance have positioned it at the forefront for lighting promenades, as well as recreation and residential areas near the coast around the world.


This ATP flagship now incorporates LED technology, keeping all its advantages. It has undergone a comprehensive redesign and updating process to renew its aesthetics and adapt its structure to the new light source, without losing the characteristic essence to which it owes its popularity [check out the technical data sheet here].


Alfa LED public lighting fixture is launched onto the market with three power versions: 15, 25, and 35 W, with multiple aesthetic configurations for both the supported and suspended versions, and with a system of customizable optics that allows for optimum light distribution in each project. It is also prepared to integrate the most modern telemanagement means and includes Comfort Diffuser®, an innovation designed to reduce glare and improve pedestrians' visual comfort without affecting the light output of the luminaire. 


Besides, Alfa LED reduces maintenance costs to zero, and its comprehensive 10-year warranty ensures investment profitability, even in really hostile environments for street-lighting, such as the such as the coastline. Its new, modern, and sober appearance makes this outdoor luminaire fit into avant-garde environments, adding some distinction. 


As the Alfa LED luminaire is designed for residential and recreation areas, the Navarre-based company recommends using it with warm color temperatures, such as 2,200 K. ATP has been a pioneer in promoting and implementing this color temperature in benchmark projects such as the lighting of the Plaza Mayor de Gijón square, which showed excellent outcomes regarding the atmosphere, visual comfort, and light pollution reduction. This luminaire is also available in PC Amber LED for protected areas, such as observatories or nature parks, and can be supplied in cooler temperatures for other applications.


Unique characteristics

As all lighting units in this company, the Alfa LED luminaire is made of 100% recyclable, cutting-edge engineering technopolymers. These materials provide it with unique characteristics, such as immunity to corrosion and to surges, anti-electrocution properties, and resistance to vandalism (IK10+).


Comprehensive seal

Fully enclosed with a diffuser featuring a continuous sealing gasket, IP66 tightness for the entire luminaire is ensured, even in the most hostile weather. This seal provides the entire luminaire, not only the light source, with protection against liquids and solid particles, which helps to keep a stable light output over time (IP66+). The interior of the Alfa LED luminaire will always remain clean.


Immune to surges

The Alfa LED luminaire is immune to surges thanks to its polymeric materials and its architecture. On the one hand, it is Class II and does not need grounding, which is the main entryway for atmospheric discharges. On the other hand, all the enclosure is made of technical engineering polymers instead of metal, which eliminates the possibility of electrostatic discharges.


Laminar Heatsink®

This thermal management system, which is internationally patented and designed by ATP, solves LED modules' overheating issues and extends their useful life significantly. This flat and super-slim device is made with a special alloy suitable for naval purposes which reduces the operating temperature of LED modules by 21% and extends their useful life to more than 21,000 hours. Considering that the average annual operating time of outdoor lighting in Spain is 4,100 hours, this represents a useful life of almost 25 years for the LED used in this application.


Comfort Diffuser®

The Alfa luminaire incorporates Comfort Diffuser®, an innovation specially designed to reduce the glare produced by the LED in outdoor lighting, without affecting its light output. This diffuser provides visual comfort to pedestrians and a softer and more pleasant light.


Customizable optics

The lenses are distributed in independent modules with different optical designs that can be combined in multiple ways to obtain the light distribution that best suits each project. This characteristic makes the Alfa LED luminaire an easily customizable option that may be adapted to any particular need.


IP68 plug & play tubular connector

The IP68 plug & play tubular connector, totally sealed against water and dust, allows quick and safe installation of LED public lighting. This device allows making the connection outside the floodlight and avoids having to disassemble it, which prevents any possibility of electrocution and leaks that may arise due to handling.

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ATP Lighting

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  • Suspended Alfa luminaires, from left to right: Alfa 1S, 2S, and 5S. Suspended Alfa luminaires, from left to right: Alfa 1S, 2S, and 5S. (Download Zip)
  • Supported Alfa luminaires, from left to right: Alfa 1A, 2A, 5A, and 8A. Supported Alfa luminaires, from left to right: Alfa 1A, 2A, 5A, and 8A. (Download Zip)
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  • Alfa 2A outdoor luminaire, Atlas column with base. Alfa 2A outdoor luminaire, Atlas column with base. (Download Zip)
  • Alfa 1S outdoor luminaire, FS-45 arm attached to wall. Alfa 1S outdoor luminaire, FS-45 arm attached to wall. (Download Zip)
  • 7. Alfa 5A outdoor luminaire, Apolo column with base. 7. Alfa 5A outdoor luminaire, Apolo column with base. (Download Zip)
  • Alfa 1A outdoor luminaire, Primera column. Alfa 1A outdoor luminaire, Primera column. (Download Zip)
ATP polymeric materials

ATP polymeric materials

Specially designed to satisfy the highest demands of resistance to external agents and to vandalism in public lighting and urban furniture.

Immune to corrosion

Immune to corrosion

Our lighting and outside furniture products are completely rust-proof since they are made out of raw materials which are invulnerable to corrosion.

Anti-electrocution products

Anti-electrocution products

Our products are completely safe since they are made with insulating materials which do not conduct electricity and prevent any danger of electrocution when making contact with the column or the luminaire.

IK10+: Beyond vandal-proof

IK10+: Beyond vandal-proof

Vandal-proof street lighting and urban furniture capable of withstandin impact tests beyond 50 joules, which is more than double that established by the international IK standard (IEC 62262).

IP66+: Totally hermetic

IP66+: Totally hermetic

Several devices ensure the sealing of the luminaire in any situation.

This high IP rate offers whole protection to all the internal elements of the street light.

100 % recyclable

100 % recyclable

Products made with 100 % recyclable, sustainable and ecologic materials.

Get to know the most ecological street lighting of the world.

10-year warranty

10-year warranty

The longest warranty in the sector.

Since 1969.

Effectiveness tested in tropical environments.